I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving because it combines 2 things I love dearly, family and food! :)

I am very close with my aunt and uncle and spent Thanksgiving at their house, like I do most years. Since everyone had the day off I snuck off with my cousin and her boyfriend to do a little shoot before settling in for the day's festivities (which included family games and Christmas karaoke, because we are cool like that).  We have been talking about it for months, but could never get our scheduled coordinated.  You might recognize them because I have shared photos of them on the blog before.  They love doing photoshoots and I love shooting them, so it's a win-win situation!

This time I got to try out shooting in the morning.  I usually insist on afternoon, almost sunset, shoots because truly that is the best light and the best photos are taken at that time of day.  But sometimes that is not a possiblity for couples so it was fun to see what can be done at a different time of the day.  Here are my favorites...

This is my favorite photo from the day!  So sweet...


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    These look great! Beautiful location!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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