Papa was a man's man.  A military man and proud of it.  A kind man, but rough, loud and sometimes scary if you didn't know that behind his bellowing no-nonsense persona was a guy who would do anything for you.

Last night I sat in my aunt and uncle's living room and we told stories about my grandpa, or Papa as I always called him.  He passed away over 5 years ago but his stories live on in his children and grandchildren.  Here is one of my favorites...

Chuck Corbett was a teenager who lived across the street from my dad growing up.  He was rude to his parents, disrespectful and an all around troublemaker.  His father was terminally ill and didn't have the strength or energy to discipline him, so Papa intervened. 

Chuck was being particularly rowdy one afternoon, hanging out with his friends in his garage so Papa called his parents and asked them permission to come over and spank their son.  Chuck's parents agreed and Papa marched across the street, into the garage, grabbed Chuck and just started spanking him.  It didn't matter that he was a teenager and that all of his friends were there to witness the humiliation.  After that day Chuck respected Papa and in fact they stayed in contact until Papa's death almost 30 years later. 

That is why I love photography, particularly wedding photography.  You might ask how I got from Papa to photography and the answer is that photos tell your story whether you are there with the details or not.  They capture emotion... love, joy, celebration, grief, sadness- or maybe even a man spanking the neighbor kids!  Long after the day is done, the honeymoon is over and life has moved you to a new adventure the story of your wedding day lives on in photos.

With that said, I have a few photos from a shoot organized by the very talented Matthew Saville.  He invited a few people to come play around with off camera flash in San Juan Capistrano, which was awesome because I am typically an ambient light photorapher and don't use flash much at all.  I learned a ton!  Here are a few of my photos from the shoot:


  1. RLP Graphics on March 29, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    good stuff like the papa story...

  2. Nicole on March 31, 2010 at 8:15 PM

    hahaha yes, random transition, but I get what you are saying. Cool experiment with off camera flash! I haven't tried that yet, so you will have to share some tips!