The winner of my Free Engagement Shoot Giveaway is...

Well, there's the problem.  Two problems actually.  The first is that I've been watching too much reality TV and I feel like I need to make a dramatic pause, or even commercial break, before announcing the winner.  The second problem is that I couldn't decide between two particularly sweet, fun and romantic entries.  So I just decided to choose BOTH couples as winners!  Problem solved!

Katie and Steven!  Here is their Love Story...

I go to Biola right now and so does my Fiance we just recently got engaged this last Christmas day and we would LOVE to have our engagement pictures done at Biola since that is where we met!

So this is our story, we were both freshman at Biola and after SOS and everything had happened we had a couple of mutual friends that wanted us to meet at the Caf for dinner one night. A friend and I were standing in between Horton and Emerson when Steven walked up.
He was wearing a Demon Hunter T-shirt (a band I have loved since high school) and we instantly starting talking about music. He was so unbelievably easy to talk to we were like instant best friends. I have always been nervous when I talk to guys that I like but Steven was so different, he was so funny and outgoing and I have still never met anyone like him.
Through dinner we only talked to each other and after that we started hanging out more and more! I knew this was the man I was going to marry. We stayed up all night talking in the SUB like three times and we just fell completely in love. We have been together ever since!
He proposed to me this last Christmas morning in front of my family and it was so amazing, we can't wait to get married! Thanks so much for considering us for the free engagement pictures!
If you read the blog regularly you probably already know that I went to Biola as well, so I am super stoked to do a photo shoot there!  Katie and Steven, you sound perfect together... it's not every day that you know instantly that you've just met the man you will marry!  I can't wait to hang out, get to know you better and capture your love in photos!
Brittney and Jeremy!  Here is their Love Story...
I am an Aunt to a Niece who is very deserving of an engagement photo shoot. I hope it is ok to enter for her.

Brittney met her fiancé while she was still in high school. They recently got engaged after dating for 5 ½ years. Jeremy is only one year older than she is.

He is a wonderful person, a hard worker, very kind, respectful not to mention…..good looking! Brittney is beautiful (inside and out), giving, thoughtful and also a hard worker. Brittney is about to graduate from California State University this spring. She will enter the teaching credential program in the fall.

During her school career she has also managed to work a part time job to help with school expenses. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments. Brittney and Jeremy are both from single parent homes. I give them so much credit for believing in themselves and believing in the love of a marriage commitment. For being such a young couple, they have displayed such mature decisions. Jeremy, at 23 years old, is already a homeowner. They are both so driven for success and happiness.

As a “hobby photographer” I appreciate photography and the joy it brings. I would love for them to have some beautiful photos of this special time in their lives.
I love that their aunt reads my blog and made an entry on their behalf and I know how hard it is to put yourself through college and struggle for the things you have in life.  I am ecstatic to be able to meet Brittney and Jeremy and give them wonderful photos of of their love for each other.