Whew! What a busy and wonderful weekend full of friends and adventure (and of course pictures of all of it). I have a few things to blog, so I will just start at the beginning and plow on through!

I have never been big into sports, especially high school sports, but I found myself at the "Battle for the Bell" between Edison and Fountain Valley high schools on Friday night. It was actually a really exciting game because I graduated from Edison, and my aunt graduated from Fountain Valley and my cousin is on their football team. They made me sit on the FV side with them, but I didn't mind because then I got to trash talk with them the whole time!

Being an alumni wasn't the only reason I wanted Edison to win. My high school youth pastor's son was playing for the team and this win was HUGE for him. He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia last year and spent what would have been his senior year in the hospital enduring chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants and isolation from anyone who may get him sick. After a year off treating his disease he is finishing his senior year of high school and back in football. I knew that winning the bell probably meant more to him than to any other player on either team and I was eager to witness his victory!

I am happy to report that the Edison Chargers crushed the Fountain Valley Barons and I was there to remind my Baron loving family who the better team was every step of the way :) Stacie and I busied ourselves in the off time by taking pictures of each other...




Totally overexposed, but I like it because I look like an angel :)

My cousin in his uniform

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  1. Paul on November 11, 2009 at 6:42 AM

    We never MADE you sit on our side. We bought your ticket and because it was bought at Fountain Valley, we had no choice. Believe me if we had a choice....! haha