1. www.freetetris.org- For when I really need to geek out for a while.

2. http://www.thehobosoul.com/- An inspiring account of two guys who decided to embrace the life of a hobo and live in an RV on the streets of LA and Orange County. I discovered their blog right about the same time "The Van Plan" was born and it was always nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks living in a vehicle is not only not crazy, but down right smart sometimes!
3. Cougartown- My favorite new TV show :)

4. Harry Potter- Another geeky pleasure. I am just a sucker for a well crafted story and it's hard to argue that Harry Potter is not a well crafted story. Plus, my roommate wanted to watch a scary movie on Halloween and Harry Potter is about as scary as I go!

And since every post needs a photo- here are a couple of me as a wee one that I found when I was looking for pictures of my grandma for my last post!

5. Little Edie Beale- Speaking of Halloween, I dressed up like Little Edie for my work party. No one knew who I was and I ended up tucking a photo of her in my sleeve to whip out and show people when they looked at me curiously. She was the crazy cat lady cousin of Jackie O. and was eccentric, free spirited and damaged. I am slightly obsessed by her life at the moment.



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  1. Nicole on November 3, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    Those pictures are the cutest! Cali girl to the core. :) Yep, see you Thursday!