Devotees may have noticed that I am remiss. I usually do my "5 Things I Love" installment on Mondays, however I am fighting off a cold and just couldn't bring myself to be creative or funny or interesting in any way last night. Today I am feeling a little better, as long as my humidifier is not too far away. Speaking of my humidifier...

1. My humidifier- I discovered the joy of a humidifier when I came down with a particularly nasty flu in college. I moved into the living room for about a month and built a fort from couch cushions and blankets. I spent every night huddled under my fort breathing into my humidifier and weeping softly. OK, maybe I didn't weep EVERY night! Call me dramatic, but I swear... there is no way I would have lived to talk about that flu if it had not been for the soothing steam of my humidifier.

2. OC Smug Meeting- The photo hosting website Smugmug holds monthly meetings for photographers to come together, learn from someone further along in the business and fellowship together every month. There have only been 4 meetings in Orange County so far, but I am hooked. I always go there feeling starstruck ("OMG, Jasmine Star just gave me a hug!") and in every photo I am sporting "crazy face" but I leave feeling encouraged, inspired and energized. Plus I met a very cool photographer there by the name of Nicole Glenn.

3. Nicole Glenn- As mentioned a moment ago, Nicole and I met at the very first OC Smug meeting and we have become fast friends over the last few months of exchanging emails, encouraging each other's photography, and sharing the tricks of the trade that as we learn them. She is an amazing photographer and an exceptionally sweet, kind and genuine person. Check out her work at

4. Getting Your Hair Done- I don't consider myself too much of a girly girl, but there is something so fabulous about sitting in a comfy chair and having someone play with your hair for hours.

5. Change- I will be moving to a new apartment this month and while I am sooo not looking forward to the process of moving (especially while I am sick) the inner gypsy in me is excited for the change. I am most excited about re-decorating my room! I am thinking something like Ready Made magazine's "Sea Change" room (below) with my own twist. I am in love with the wallpaper!

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  1. Nicole on November 10, 2009 at 9:10 PM

    So I was reading along, convinced I needed a humidifier, and then I saw my name. I was like huh? Read it again, and then the next paragraph is about me??!? You are too kind my friend! I am totally blushing and I can't really blush haha. I am so blessed to have met you, when we were both so green, starstruck, and wide eyed. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for your continued support and friendship. *hugs*