Welcome to part one of my Vintage Bridal Shoot session!  I have so many great shots that I am going to have to do a few blog posts.  This first of the series is with model Jesslabelle Avelar and a 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

OK, let me get this off my chest. I am super excited about these bridal shots... but I am even more excited that Jesslabelle posed in a Chevy Bel Air!

When I was fourteen I went to my Aunt Val's house and there it was. A 1964 red and white two-tone Bel Air and I fell in love! It sat at the back of their property in the dirt. Dusty, neglected and I'm not even sure it ran at that point, but I was smitten.  I took pictures of it and carred them around in my wallet like a 16 year old boy. I would sit in it and pretend to be driving off to some cross country adventure, dreaming about the day it would be mine (I was just convinced that I had to have it eventually).

When I turned 16 I moved out and needed a car to get to school and work. That Bel Air had sat on my Aunt and Uncle's property for at least 2 years at that point and they saw my need, so my Uncle Bill worked on it for a week straight and got it running for me. On December 17, 1998 me and my beloved Bel Air were together at last!

I looooved driving that car. I would wax it every week to make the 30 year old paint job look shiny. I took auto shop class so I would have a place to keep it running. I was devoted to that car when the brakes gave out (if that ever happens to you, pump the brake pedal or use the emergency brake), when a screw fell into the pistons (that happened twice), and when the radiator blew up. I became friends with all of the local tow truck drivers and eventually I had to give up on the Bel Air and get a "reliable car."

I had the Bel Air for 5 years and I miss it terribly, so I was stoked to show up at this bridal shoot and see a red and white two tone cousin of my baby.

For information about the dress, flowers, model, venue, car, hair or makeup click here for a full list of details.